Textured Hair

This girl is beautiful on the outside, as well as beautiful on the inside!! :)
She's getting married next year!!! Wanted to get the extensions in early to play.

250 strands to blend in with her own beautiful hair. She made our job easy.

"Beyonce ain't got nuttin on my Hair Angel Princess! "

"Look at that! Even HIS hair looks good! "   LOL :)


This section below, is dedicated to our United States Troops.
Here are our "Hair Angel" Military Ladies. Our hair extensions are even in Iraq!
Our US Soldiers are the "real" celebrities, in our book! Thank you Ladies!

usa flag black
usa flag black

Great face with Plain Jane Hair. We wanted her hair to make a statement. Her friend came a month later.


Soldier- Latisha
After 275 strands

After 275 strands...... Beautiful and Balanced :)

Military Buddies :)


Soldier- Stephanie
Look at that girl!

Wow, from Fabulous to Fighter Jets.


She had to go to "Post" right before her hair appointment. Arrived in her ACU's

After 265 strands and 2 colors, she is "workin" the hair AND the glasses!

I made her smile for the camera! Then, I HAD to get a picture with a hero!!!


Had individual braids for a while, but was ready for change.

Row by row we go!

275 strands later, she's got a brand new look. 18" of custom blended textured hair.

Hubby loves his Zahrah!


Great face with Plain Jane Hair. We wanted her hair to make a statement.

After 275 strands and 3 colors, I called her my Exotic, Island Princess. Beautiful!!!!


Can you believe she is 56? I asked her all her beauty secrets.
Full head of Hair Extensions.


After, with curled style...

Flat    Ironed...

Wet & Wavy


Shy Girl
Client came to me with her own thick beautiful long hair.
Blending 4 custom colors, I was halfway thru.

Added 250 strands of super long Dream Hair.

Long(22"), blonde, healthy, "hair commercial" hair.


What an awesome lady! Her warm and loving spirit shines through. What a great day we had. :)

Before..."Her weave."

Now her "OWN" hair....

Ta Da!!! Now she's got her Diamond Crowns!


Before... Naturally curly hair

After...                250 custom curly strands-22" long


Mystery Girl
Before... Naturally curly hair blown out straight for neat loc application.

A blend of 4 custom colors. 275 strands later... Now she can go curly or straight.

Halfway through...      All strands in...      Wet down for curly look...


Nina Meena
We laughed the whole time! This woman is smart, funny, strong, confident, and has a heart for the Lord.
She's been wearing braids for 20 years, and was ready for a change.

Before - Individual Braids

Full head Net weave with 12" custom textured hair.

Natural Ponytail

Blown out straight and smooth.

Wet & Wavy


"Ms. Purple Passion" Noodle can't get enough of this Lady! No wonder, she's a dog looooooover!

Before- Long hair that just needed some "Bunga Bunga." :-)

Here we go...

After- 150 custom strands, her wavy hair blends right in with the curls. Now her hair fits her look! 10 years younger...


Thanks Amelia!! I have adopted Lottie as my family now. What a joy to be around. :)
We can work wonders on 1" hair. Before...her hair was very short and thin. She came in with a wig on.

After full net weave, she won't be wearing "that wig" anymore! "Sixty" and Sensational!

Another veteran client. My gurl!


Before...                         After... free flowing hair...                             Wet down for easy home maintenance.


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This model has Naturally Curly hair. She wanted more length and versatility. I can get hair in any texture you desire, you will think it really IS your OWN hair.

After 300 strands, no one knows she even has Hair Extensions!!! Now she can change her hair depending on what Photo Shoot she has lined up!!


Get diversity for Naturally Curly hair.


Naturally Curly hair. She wanted more length and versatility. I can get match ANY color & ANY texture, everyone thought her hair grew fast. LOL