Love her! She's got it all! Great Husband, awesome kids, cute dog, and an AMAZING spirit!
What a pleasure to spend time with. She wanted some hair extensions to go along with
her beautiful eyelash extensions. Cute cut, she just wanted fullness.

Only 160 strands and she has a new fun look. Now she can wear her hair in 3-4 different styles. She has her "crown."

One month later, we just wanted to make sure she has adjusted to her new fullness.
She adjusted JUST FINE. :)


My right hand girl!!!! Already has 16" of her OWN hair. Trimmed and flat ironed.

We added 285 strands of 22" of hair. Low lights and highlights, and gave her two styles for fun.

Just For Fullness

This lady can wear some short and sassy hair!

Before...her natural hair


Look at her lookin cute in NY

1 month later we took some hair out, and cut the hair in a Short & Sassy "Suze Orman" do!
She got 2 looks out of one! Now she's good for 3 months with low maintenance hair.


This 60 year young lady, needed hair in her crown...

Just getting started...

She's locked and loaded. 150 strands

Before Cut

Cut and Curled

What thin hair? Not anymore!


Kat Carney
See this Hair Angel Princess on TV!! QVC's spokesmodel for NutriSystem Nourish.
New Body, new hair! This girl has got it "going on!" It's fun to see my work on TV!

Shy Girl
Came to me with what they call,"Keratin Bond."


She said, "I feel I have a wad of hard gum in my hair!" I had to show her how flat and small my strands were.

 Added 100 strands, getting her ready for the camera.




My client of 12 yrs. She has turned into "family". Full head weave with an "Integration" top piece.

New Body,New Hair!!!


This "Jesus Lovin" Lady needed some hair to go with those beautiful eyes!!! Wow!

Thinning top area

235 "anointed"(private joke) custom strands in 4 different loc sizes, did the trick!
We were just going for "Fullness", but decided to keep the added length too. Fun!!! 11 Months later NO LOCS!

New Strands!! We no longer need the strands on top,and be went with Body Wave this time.


I sat behind her in church, wanting to show her "my" plans for her hair.
Her chemically relaxed hair needed a boost.

Partial weave with 75 strands on top for versatility.

All her hair is on in 3 hrs!

Cut in layers with a slight flip. She was shaking her hair a bit more that week in church. :-)


Hair Angel ~ Austin Texas 78734

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Baby Girl
This 14 year old Sweetheart, had to under go Chemo treatment which caused her hairloss. Her Mom wanted her to go back to school the way she looked before the Chemo.

Marlys and Nicholle creating the transformation!!! Thank you Lord for blessing our hands.

Now Baby Girl has a head full of hair and has the confidence to go with that beautiful face.


Came in Just for Fullness, but the strands blended so well we kept a bit of the length!!!
 No one could figure out why she had an extra glow about her.


Lost a lot of her hair from a previous fusion method. She had bald spots, and areas where the hair was only 2" long.
We applied 300 strands, and nobody knows her secret!! Just gorgeous is all they know.



She stole our hearts. This young girl has got it together! Beautiful inside and out.