Her hair needed a boost. She had length, but wanted more volume.

We added 250 strands, and now she has her crown. The celebs do it, so can we!

This lady is a doll! Never had hair extensions, but wanted to have some fun.

We added 265 strands, and look her now! Hair with flair!

She flew in from New Orleans to get her Dream Hair. New to hair extensions.

After 285 strands she has beautiful hair to match that beautiful face!
Why wait a year for the hair you can have in 5 hours!


This girl has got it together. Fun too! A Pro to Hair Extensions, she did her research first.
Before...She came in with other extensions, NOT enough strands, and NOT a blended cut.

After 250 Hair Angel strands, 3 colors, and a blended cut. Now she has the best.
She would know! Ponytail Check :)


My Pennsylvania Sista! She has such a heart for other people. Love that!
Naturally wavy hair....cute, but watch this...... drum roll please.......

After 265 strands...she can go straight or wavy... Hot Momma!

Back for her 1 week check up, she already knows how to "work" the hair! :) You go Gina!!


Before.... Didn't want her pic taken. Look at me in the mirror taking her photo!  Wispy, fine hair.

Neat and clean Hairloc application. NO GLUE(fusion), NO HEAT, NO BRAIDING, and NO DAMAGE. WOW!!!!!


She's never going back to "fusion." Her super soft, baby fine hair is now safe with my Hairlocs. 150 strands were all she needed to go from cute to WOW! 3 custom colors blended and cut.


(Me Moolie) LOL
What a doll! A passion for her family, her daughter's softball, and her Icelandic Horses.
This woman goes after what she wants!
Before...., short layers and full hair. We need lots of extensions to match her fullness.

After...275 strands, 3 colors, and cut in layers. "Can't you just picture how cute she looks in her cowboy hat!"


What a great day we(thanks Katie!) had! This girl is not only funny, and "real," she is smart beyond her years. A mother a two who knows how to pull it all together. Hair, clothes, nails, face and confidence. Love that!
Before....long hair on sides, but super short layers in the back. Hardest to do extensions on.

After 325 custom strands, she is a Hair Diva! No mullet, no shelf, NO Problem. :-)

Oh la la! The camera loves that "look." We did a lil Hair Angel Photo shoot! Fun!


New to Hair Extensions...I was more excited about her appt than I think she was. LOL :-)
Before....great face, beautiful eyes, pearly white teeth.....
more hair will complete her look. 4 custom colors....Fun!

After... 200 locs did the trick. She won't need to come back for 3-4 months for her maintenance.


She is another Sweetheart!!! Thank you Hector! We already decided, we are  Hair Extension Sistas 4 Life!
Had the "fusion" method, and came to me with most of the strands in her hand, and not on her head

150 stands of 4 custom colors and she is good to go! All REUSABLE hair! Unlike Fusion.


Wanted Long Hair instantly...

She can wear it down or up. Extensions are hidden. " Ancient Chinese Secret, huh?" LOL :~)

Added 25 more strands a week later.

1 yr later... all locs taken out. WOW!
Look how much her OWN hair grew.


She said she has had fine, thin hair all her life. Great smile, but she needed her "crown."

Here we go!! Blending 4 colors, I started applying her strands.
 Neat, clean,and safe with NO tension.

175 strands later, and she was "Bouncin and Behavin!" Added length and fullness.

Came back a week later, & added 20 more custom strands. Now she's complete!



Halfway there...

250 locs NO layers cut

3 months later, we layered her hair

Layers in the hair show movement and fullness

Look!!! After wearing her locs for 4 months, her own hair has grown so much!


Before....Wispy with Layers

After... 4 custom wefts...                           Red Hot Glamour Girl!


Came to me with another Hair Extension method. Hair was tangled, matted, and wasn't blended.
In 3 separate 2 hr appointments, I was able to save her hair, and make her as good as new!
Now she's telling all her friends about Hair Angel. Yippee!!! :~)


Before...great hair...but wanted AWESOME hair!

With 250 strands of Chocolate Colored hair, she has her Hair Angel Dream Hair.

With her "Tina Turner" legs and her "New Fabulous Hair," I think this Lady has got IT goin on!

3 months later, back for her maintenance.
Hair is still Fabulous!

6 months later, and still Gorgeous!!!
Looks like she gets YOUNGER with each visit?!


Hair Angel ~ Austin Texas 78734

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This “Hottie” knocked 10 years off her age!!!


Her hair needed a boost. She wanted more length and volume.


Love this girl!! My left hand, my right brain, my TOP Angel!!
She went from her Natural Hair, to Adding Fullness on the sides, Natural length with Layers, to Long Luxurious Hair.