"I drive 4 hours back and forth from Dallas, Texas just to have Nicholle do my hair!
I am excited that the Hair Extensions Studio opened here in Austin, TX!"

Kelly Morgan
Dallas, TX


"Thanks so much, my hair made my vacation so much easier
- esp with the heat and humidity in FL and the Caribbean.
I've never been able to get up and just go, and now I can.
I can't tell you how happy I am with my new look. I look forward to playing with it!!"

Debbie Ross
Orange County, CA


I LOVE MY NEW HAIR!!!!!!!!!! I am still discovering all of the new ways to style.
I've washed it three times and have yet to have a single tangle.
The 110 strands were PURR-FECT! My hair looks amazing,
but subtle enough that no one would guess that I have extensions.
I feel twenty years younger and am so enjoying "flipping" it!
Thanks you sooooooooooooo much! You truly are my Hair Angel! :)

New Orleans, LA


"I thought Hair Extensions would be tight. I was amazed at how
comfortable they felt. No one knows I even have them!"

Ivette Seda
Reading, PA


Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my hair.
It's only been a few days and everyone loves it so far!
Yes feel free to use the pictures...I am so happy with my hair,
you are the reason that they came out so wonderful...THANK YOU!

Jenny Young
Austin, TX


Nicholle has been doing my hair for the past 12 years,
I won't go anywhere else."

Yolanda Denson
Walnut, CA


I LOVE MY HAIR! I've just gotten my first maintenance with my local hairlocs stylist.
She really did justice to your work. I couldn't be happier!
She has followed YOUR primary hairlocs styling to the letter.
She has made comments on how neat YOU put the locs in.
You really took the time to give me my dream hair!

Linda Meyers
Washington DC


"She really loves what she does, and it shows."

Ruby Jackson
Reading, PA


My friend Cheryl is a beauty consultant and has a very upscale clientele.
She said she has seen
many extensions and mine was by far the best.
She is brutally honest, so I know she really meant that.
BTW, that was right after I got out of the gym and it was kind of yucky.
Thank you so much for the makeover, I feel awesome.
BTW, you can use any of my "testimonies" if you want. I'm sure I'll have more :-) H&K and God Bless

Stephanie Hansen
Temple, TX


"My confidence level has gone from good to great!"

Diana Harrington
Huntington Beach, CA


I LOOOOOOOOVE MY HAIR! I have been living in LA since 1989
and have been getting weaves since 1998 and I have never had someone put one in and I walk
out the door happy..and wake up the next morning ecstatic because it still looks gorgeous!
Thank you so much Nicholle, God has truly blessed you with this gift, the entire
experience was professional and very relaxing...usually I can't wait to go home but your
true God spirit shines through.. My cousin will be contacting you soon to get hers done as well,
she and her husband both loved your work. Everyone loves the job that you have done..
but most importantly I am more than satisfied! Thank you so much.

Lisa Greene


"I appreciate that fact that Nicholle really
cares about the health of my own hair."

Nina Sharon Mills
San Diego, CA


"I had the "fusion" extensions, my hair was damaged during the removal.
I love how her method can easily be removed at any time."

Brenda Dobson
Los Angeles, CA


"I have been getting extension for years.
I have never had a technique work so well on my hair!
I am so glad I found the Hair Angel!"

Christine Chaoate
Austin, TX


"I go for the atmosphere, the hair is the icing on the cake."

Emily Morrison
Gardena, CA


"Why didn't someone tell me about this sooner!
She is amazing, I know I am going to be a LIFER"

Lori Biallbreski
Trabuco Canyon, CA


She is the bomb! She really knows what she is doing,
and your hair will come out looking great!!"

Janeen Williams Flowers
Reading, PA


"She's honest, experienced, and full of life. I have
recommended my whole family to her."

Kache Francis
Vevey, Switzerland

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